Coffee Cup

Opened in 1952

 1446 Rice Steet, St. Paul, MN 55117   |   Open Daily 5am-3pm Daily   |  (651) 489-0020

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Authenticity that goes a long way.

We are a disappearing breed of eatery offering an authenticity that Denny’s can only dream of. Places like Coffee Cup are why the phrase “comfort food” was invented.


Jimmy's the mastermind.

Jimmy is up at 3am sharp like clockwork  for the past 30 plus years. Breakfast is ready by 5am.

In this joint we serve an eclectic cuisine. Omelets, burgers, gyros, rib sandwiches, you name it.

Best breakfast. Epic portions.

Simply the best

Disappearing breed of eatery

We do breakfast & lunch.