Coffee Cup

Opened in 1952

 1446 Rice Steet, St. Paul, MN 55117   |   Open Daily 5am-3pm Daily   |  (651) 489-0020

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Food that tastes authentic.

We are a disappearing breed of eatery offering an authenticity that Denny’s can only dream of. Places like Coffee Cup are why the phrase “comfort food” was invented. That’s not to say there’s no room for inventiveness here—this venerable lunch and breakfast joint’s menu has picked up an eclectic cuisine over the years, with omelets and burgers sharing the page with gyros and rib sandwiches.


An extension to the restaurant was added in the 80's. But still on busy days; it gets real busy, there is no parking space left and patrons who know us pull up to the building. The dinning area packed... That's when we all work like Jimmy. Clockwork!

Two brothers from Greece.

Jimmy is like no other. Many call him "brother" because since the mid 70's anyone who steps into the restaurant are welcome like they are family. The Coffee Cup is a true All American Diner and Jimmy does not hold back. His portions are the most beyond generous. He wants his customers to be happy and leave with a smile. And they do!


Jimmy & Tommy are the life of the restaurant. They're two brothers from the Southern tip of the Greece (Peloponnese). Many friends and family have worked at the restaurant in the 70's, 80's. Many of the customers have come to the Coffee Cup since they were children. Some have been coming for 40 plus years which is truly amazing.

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Best breakfast. Epic portions.

Disappearing breed of eatery

Coffee Cup Forever.

Be part of St. Paul History.

The Restaurant goes back to 1952 when St. Paul native John Nelson opened Coffee Cup at the Seven Corners in Downtown St. Paul, MN. In 1967 John moved Coffee Cup to the current location. Nine years after the move from Downtown, John sold the restaurant business

to Jimmy on October 1st, 1976.  


During 1969-1975, Jimmy worked at the East Town Restaurant Tavern in Toronto, Canada. The Tavern was a Canadian home-style cooking restaurant. Jimmy mastered his cooking and learned his recipes for the greatest Comfort Food which he has been serving

for more than 30 years.

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